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They say marriages are made in heaven. True, considering marriage to be the essential moment in an individual’s life, LEO ROX is there to create that heaven, and to build it the most unforgettable adoring moment in the couples life. Every tradition within a marriage whether it is Mehandi or Sangeeth, engagement or reception has its own importance. LEO ROX event have an proficient team with distinctive thoughts. Which shows differentiation to every event. To entertain fully and finally with surprising themes and concepts



announce your union to the world. Renounce the rest us, it is the first day for the bride to pave her entry to the GROOMS family for the first time, LEO ROX provide the best orchestra or live bands and the best photography in the city for the customers to live in that moment and to celebrate this union with joy. LEO ROX is specialized in providing innovative themes and decoration for Reception which brings the elegant look for this union. It is the only day when family people, friends and relatives from the Brides as well as Grooms end come and meet at a standpoint to celebrate this event LEO ROX promises to make this meetup forever a notable and successful Reception.



sing and dance with the family, give your inhibitions rest for the day. A Sangeeth is expected as the essential part in the marriage because the ultimate aim for everybody is the enjoy. At LEO ROX it is our duty to keep everyone happy and joyful in the event of Sangeeth. It will put our best in a way that keeps both teams enjoying throughout the function. We nurture the Sangeeth with music which relates to all age groups, to transform it as a most successful event with loads of joy



it is promise to the soul mates. There are family people and relatives who witness this propitious occasion. It is the step before marriage, we ensure to fulfill it. Keeping this framework in mind, LEO ROX arrange the event and check on the list to ensure that every parameter is met. Addition to that some unique craft work is organized by our staff by which all the guest and relatives remember this marriage forever as a notable marriage.